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Colombia has been developing into a modern country with a bustling and vibrant economy.  Medellín's economy continues to boom as new construction and development continues at an incredible pace.
Santa Fe de Antioquia a city suspended in the colonial era, located about 50 miles north of Medellín.
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English Speaking Tour Guides in Medellin, Colombia
As always, excercise caution when traveling. Rely on taxis, especially for late-night activities.

Medellin In Transformation

The mayor of Medellin has developed many programs to make this a "bilingual city." The programs have been implemented to get the locals to learn English to help support the incredible transformation of Medellin - Colombia.
When touring the city, remember that "Calles" run East to West and "Carreras" run North to South.
Investing In The Future Of Colombia

The industrious Paisas, have built one of South America's most modern and affluent cities. 

Its mines produce 80% of Colombia's gold. It has prosperred through its texile industries, cut-flowers business, as well as its world famous Colombian coffee.
In Medellin, there are no distinct wet or dry seasons, but there does tend to be more rain between the months of March through May, as well as between September through November. 

Traveling Through Medellin - Colombia

The lush mountains and its rugged peaks provide visitors with stunning views as they travel throughout the city, its beautiful suburbs, and long drives through the countryside.
What To Do In Medellín, Colombia
According to government figures, about 1 million international tourists visit Colombia every year. Officials are expected to see that number double in the coming years as word gets out from travelers returning home, spreading the word about the magical country that is Colombia.

Our guided tour services are designed for travelers interested in learning more about this wonderful destination affectionately known as the “city of eternal spring.”

Your Medellín tour guide provides valuable services for making your trip to Colombia a memorable experience. We can recommend the best accommodations at the most popular hotels in Medellín’s upscale El Poblado neighborhood, minutes away from the popular Zona Rosa district with lots of restaurants, taverns, and dance clubs. A great spot for sitting back and watching the local residents celebrating one of the many holidays in Colombia. 

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We won’t treat you like a tourist. We specialize in making each and every traveler feel at home in Medellín, Colombia.

                           What to do in Medellin? Three unique tours in Medellin. 

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"Medellin has Colombia’s only Metro System, along with the worlds only Cable Cars developed as affordable transportation for the locals."
 Cable Cars in Medellin
The  Metro in Medellin